Thursday, August 03, 2006

Making Paypal Not Lose Order Data In Oscommerce (auto-return)

Getting annoyed by Paypal losing some of your orders in Oscommerce? There are 2 possible solutions. One is quick and easy, the other requires installation of the Paypal IPN module.

Here is the quick and easy solution (but not perfect one). First install this fix from troyjoy listed in the Oscommerce contributions section. I have this hosted on my web site: This is easy and only involves modifying about 2 lines of code.

After that is done you need to go to your paypal account at
1. click on profile
2. go to website payment preferences
3. select "yes" for Auto-Return (you do not need to set a url below this).

The second method if you don't want to do the first one is installing Paypal IPN. To do this install the contribution listed here: Oscommerce Paypal IPN Contribution
There are other Paypal IPN contributions on Oscommerce, but the one linked to above is by far the easiest and best one to use.


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