Monday, July 31, 2006

Setting Up USPS Shipping Quotes in Oscommerce

Here is how to setup USPS shipping in Oscommerce.

1. Go here: and click "Sign Up" under USPS Web Tools
2. After you sign up you will get a confirmation email in the next 24 hours or so. When you get this email, send an email to with your username they assign you. Copy and paste this into your email also: "Hi, I am using a third party shopping cart Oscommerce that has already been tested with the USPS shipping quotes API. Please switch my account to the production server"
3. They should email you back saying you have been switched to the production server.
4. Now in your Oscommerce admin go to modules > shipping > USPS and install it. Then put in your USPS username. The password field can be left blank. Make sure your server is set to the production server.
5. You will need to make sure in your Oscommmerce admin > configuration > shipping/packaging ship from country and zip code is set up. Also you can set your Package tare weight. Say if you want .5lbs added to the shipping quote to account for your boxing, then you would set .5lbs. here.


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