Friday, May 19, 2006

Great Firefox Extensions

I was really impressed by these Firefox extensions. Check them out.

Web Development Toolbar: The first one adds an amazing variety of testing tools to the Firefox toolbar for web development. These include CSS/HTML/XHTML validation, tools for enabling/disabling CSS, Cookies, Javascript, Images, Java, Frames, Flash, and resizing the window to standard monitor resolutions. Another great feature is outlining tables and table cells to help you align pages. Check it out:

IE In Firefox: The next extension is very handy for those of us who love Firefox tabbed browsing and don't want to open up the IE browser for testing, or for incompatible web sites like MSN Shopping or Quickbooks. This extension allows you to render a web page IN Firefox using the IE rendering engine. This is also handy for web sites that are still only viewable in IE :( such as Quickbooks online and a few other online applications. Check it out here:

Snapper Screenshots: We all need to take screenshots from time to time of a web site, whether it be for testing, or to do mockups. Snapper helps you select only the area you want of your screen rather than taking the whole thing, and it saves it right to where you want it rather than having to open up Photoshop and then paste it and save it, thus saving you time. Check it out here:


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Too bad I am not a I do like your blog. Keep it up!


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